personal style

Genuine confidence and positivity about your appearance is a hugely powerful thing.

I’ve worked with hundreds of clients to help them identify and inhabit their own personal style. I’ve seen how much that newfound confidence expands out into every area of their lives, giving them the boost they need to clear whatever hurdles have been put in front of them - job woes, a tricky relationship, or simply a slightly unfulfilling lifestyle.

If you live near me in the UK, you can book your own personal style transformation. Click the links below to learn about the services I offer, or contact me to set up an individual package tailored to meet your requirements and uncover your unique style.


Understand the palette that makes you look fresher, brighter and more pulled together.
Self confidence starts here.

Learn how your body architecture and personality work together to create a personal style that is 100% uniquely you.


Create the wardrobe of your dreams. I will help you plan, review and refine what you have to form the core of your perfect wardrobe.

Identify the key pieces you need to update and re-energise your look. In person, online or mood board options.


My consultations with Jo were transformational.
The process has made shopping so much more enjoyable!
— Rachel, Applied Style Client