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personal style

Genuine confidence and positivity about your appearance is a hugely powerful thing.

Exploring and discovering your own personal style gives you the boost to clear whatever hurdles have been put in front of you - job woes, a tricky relationship or simply a slightly unfulfilling lifestyle.

I don't believe that uncovering your own personal style is as simple as deciding to fit into a particular 'own this classic capsule wardrobe and all your troubles will disappear' shaped box; finding out the clothes that make you look and feel amazing is a much longer, slower process. It is absolutely worth it though. Finding the right wardrobe for you brings with it a whole host of super powers.

I've got lots of tools planned to help you uncover and explore your own personal style, but meanwhile there's an ever-increasing exploration of my personal style journey on the blog, I hope you'll take a moment to stop by.

If you're looking for my work as a personal colour and style analyst, please visit my House of Colour page.