Back to school - new term resolutions at applied style


Hello hello! I hope you had a wonderful summer, wherever you are and whatever you were doing (should you happen to be in the southern hemisphere, I hope you had a wonderful winter!).

It's all go here at Applied Style HQ. The youngest member of our team, Percy (she only answers to her rather more grown up full name of Persephone when it's used by her eldest brother - the rest of us get reminded that it's Percy, thank you very much) started school this week, and although it's going to be a few weeks before she's up to full time hours, it feels like the beginning of a whole new chapter for our family and the way we spend our time.

School already dictates so much of the rhythm of our year with two in full time education, a feeling that is only going to intensify with all three children in school. Added to which, September has always had a 'back to school' feeling for me anyway - too many years in the system to ever truly leave it behind, I suspect! So it feels like the perfect time to make a few resolutions about the thing I want to explore more on Applied Style in the coming year.

  1. plastic free/zero waste - don't expect one of those 'teeny weeny jar of rubbish' pictures from me any time soon (we're not that good), but we are making a massive effort as a family to dramatically reduce our plastic consumption and general influx of 'stuff'. I'll be posting more about our journey, the tips and tricks we've learned so far and the additional challenges we face as a family undertaking this, rather than as a young single person (as so many zero wasters are).
  2. wardrobe and style - style was my starting point with intentional living, and it's still a core component for me. After the massive learning curve of the summer 10x10 wardrobe challenge, I've realised how much more I have to learn about curating a truly successful capsule wardrobe, so I'm exploring this much more in the coming weeks with the goal of putting together my best A/W wardrobe yet. I'm also looking forward to exploring more sustainable clothing, having made a mini-resolution to minimise/eliminate manmade fibres and purchases from less ethical clothing manufacturers.
  3. hand making - I love to make stuff myself. When you're on a budget it's often the only way to get eco-friendly options for things like scented candles, plus it's just plain old satisfying. Sometimes reality bites and I realise that actually I don't need, or have the skills, to make every last thing myself (I'm looking at you, dressmaking supplies), but I love to explore the homemade option. I'm also hoping to finally get back to making my most favourite thing - hand sewn quilts.
  4. embracing the seasons - maybe it's because autumn (which everyone knows is the best season) is arriving, but I'm determined to really relish the changes of the seasons over the coming year, and share how we're making the most of the opportunities each one brings.
  5. extension/interiors planning - the extension planning rumbles on, with a few minor hiccups. We're still clinging onto the dream of starting build work next spring, but we'll see what the coming months bring. Hopefully lots of beautiful interiors rather than yet more paperwork.
  6. what intentional living means to me - I think intentional living looks so different to so many people that it's almost impossible to come up with a one size fits all solution, so i want to explore a little more what it means to me and my family.
  7. slowing down while keeping up - intentional living is all very well, but we live in a fast paced world. Keeping life slow and intentional in a modern world which wants us to be doing everything all of the time, and making sure our children do the same, is a tricky business. I'm hoping to talk a little more about how, as a lifelong 'busy person', I'm finding this incredibly challenging, and how I'm still feeling my way and finding solutions that are right for me (and maybe some of you too).

Seven resolutions is probably about four too many, but what did I say about struggling to do less? If I promise to cover each one intentionally and slowly, maybe that offsets it. I hope you'll come along for the ride as I explore more of what I love.