What's this all about?

Hello! I’m Jo. Applied Style is here to provide inspiration and solutions for a more intentional life.

For me, an intentional life means one where the simple pleasures and the quiet moments can be savoured and all the little corners of our lives become positive and pleasurable points of living in the present, rather than periods to be endured while we wait for that one moment of fun; an annual holiday or that extra special meal out. I think everyone should feel happy, content, joyful, whatever you want to call it, as often as possible, not just on the special occasions.

I hope you’ll find inspiration all over Applied Style for living a life that brings you more of the good stuff.


about jo


I live in Devon, in the South West of the UK with my husband and our three children, in a teeny weeny house in a glorious little town, not too far away from the sea.

Although I have always been a fairly ‘glass half full’ person, increasingly I realise that it’s not just about attitude but about being proactive and filling that glass through our own actions.

I make time every day for the things that are important to me - yoga, homemade food and writing, slotted in around a somewhat hectic (but perfect for me) combination of self employment and family life.

If you want to learn a little more about me, head over to the blog or my instagram page.



my approach

I don't like a 'one size fits all' solution, so applied style is more of a 'pick your style, pick your size' approach.

  • an online inspiration source for three facets of your life - wardrobe, living space and lifestyle.
  • Take what you like, leave what doesn't appeal.
  • Try it, come back for more, play around with what works for you and your life.


mission & values

Applied Style offers inspiration and solutions for an intentional life, to create a wardrobe, a living space and a lifestyle that bring you joy and satisfaction.

I believe you should love your lifestyle, find joy in your living space and feel totally comfortable and confident in your appearance. The process of discovering what works for you in all these areas should be enlightening, exciting and inspiring.